With performance gains from transistor density improvements getting smaller, the pace of technological progress must be sustained with innovative methodologies that give professionals around the world unrestricted access to useful solutions. Through an open-source-based approach, technologies can be widely used and rapidly developed in a collaborative way to the benefit of the whole computing community.

Benefits of open source

By tapping into open source, Antmicro can create high-quality, future-proof and customizable solutions. What using open source means for our clients is:


Full visibility into the code means that the technology evolves fast, as developers from across the world can contribute with new features, fixes and improvements.

No licensing

Apart from enabling free use, the lack of licensing fees gives open source users freedom and independence of changing policies and terms of particular vendors.

Shorter time
to market

Openness enables quick evaluation and selection of the best solutions for a given project, getting the work off the ground faster and cutting time to market.


The availability of the source code allows quick identifications of security flaws and implementation of fixes.


Quickly scale up or down in response to changing needs. Open source technologies and methodologies are perfectly positioned to allow that.


Open source solutions have been tried and tested by experts worldwide in a range of scenarios, demonstrating their robustness and high usability.


Thanks to unrestrained access and wide usage, open source solutions embrace novelty fast, giving them a long-term viability and capability to outlast proprietary solutions.


Technological openness removes the “black box effect” and empowers the user to customize and adapt solutions to meet specific needs.


The trend has been clear for quite some time now: open source is becoming a standard in the industry so jump on board to be at the forefront of technological progress.

Antmicro’s open source leadership

We are pioneers and leaders in the usage and development of open source and permissively licensed solutions. As a natural consequence of our heavy involvement in open source, we’ve driven innovation in embedded systems, FPGA and ASIC design, simulation, AI and machine vision. Open source unlocks new technological opportunities and we are proud to be active members of many open source foundations which share our vision.

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