We specialize in using FPGAs to build SoCs, soft processing systems, codecs, etc. We also work with chiplet-based SiPs and develop open chip tooling and design methodologies, breaking down complexity and lowering the entry barrier.

We’ve built a diverse portfolio of vendor-neutral FPGA IP cores that includes high-speed interfaces, memory controllers, video and audio codecs, etc.

SoC design

We use open processor architectures, tools and methodologies to build highly-capable SoCs (System-on-Chip) with advanced input/output options. Our rich portfolio of vendor-neutral FPGA IPs allows us to achieve specific functionalities in the systems we design.

FPGA Tooling

Modern open source Electronic Design Automation tooling that we develop is enhancing FPGA design, with various companies, e.g. QuickLogic officially embracing open tools and frameworks.

SiPs and ASICs

Open source gives us the means to combine various CPUs, FPGAs, sensors, etc. into custom ASICs and SiPs. We can rapidly build specific chiplet-based chips and reduce time-to-market of your product.


RISC-V is an innovative open source processor architecture with a vibrant ecosystem around it. As a Strategic Founding member of RISC-V International, we contribute to and specialize in using the ISA and the relevant tooling.

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