Antmicro boasts a range of open source hardware including baseboards for the most popular edge AI
modules, extensions, bridges, connectors and camera platforms that we can customize to meet specific requirements.

Using our hardware, you can kick-start preliminary design and let us take your project further to develop the functionalities that want your system to provide.


Our hardware portfolio includes a range of open source baseboards for AI SoMs from top vendors such as NVIDIA, Xilinx and Toradex. Ideal for early development, our hardware is royalty-free and gives our customers full control over the devices built with it.

BSPs and drivers

We develop Board Support Packages and drivers for Linux, Android, Zephyr RTOS, FreeRTOS and other operating systems, connecting our clients to various ecosystems and expanding the application field of their products. Our projects include support for FPGA SoC vendors, industrial Android BSPs, drivers and software support of camera sensors.

Interface boards

The wide array of open source interface boards we have built allows us and our customers to expand the functionality of our baseboards and products based on them. Our open hardware accessories include camera boards, HDMI expansions, interface bridges and more.

APIs, SDKs and libraries

We create APIs to add complex functionality to our applications and to enable communication between various components of the systems that we build. We also enable combining Linux with various audio and video devices by developing SDKs and libraries.

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