We use open source edge AI algorithmics and application software to develop AI-capable systems performing complex tasks and optimizing processes across various industrial

We use and develop a number of open source solutions for testing and fine-tuning AI software that we create.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI algorithms powering our systems increase the efficiency of operations in areas like heavy industry, agriculture, medical, defense, surveillance, etc. We build dedicated datasets to train our neural networks and adjust the algorithms to particular hardware.

Machine Learning libraries

We use and develop a number of open source machine learning libraries. We work with Google around TensorFlow Lite and use ONNX, ROS, openbalena and other libs to build AI-enhanced video and audio processing.

Security-oriented systems

Being easily auditable for potential security issues, open source works great in systems meant to perform critical operations or handle classified information. We build trusted execution environments and secure boot systems working with a range of security-oriented open solutions.


Renode is our flagship open source framework that can simulate all hardware layers of a device, from chip, SoC, board and peripherals up to complex multi-node systems. Our simulator is used by Google, helping the TensorFlow Lite Micro team develop better ML applications.

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